Mobile, web, business applications, IoT, Big Data

We offer a vast range of IT services. Our team of professionals combine passion and dedication with skills and experience to deliver you cutting edge technology and solutions. Including Project Managers, Designers, Developers, UX & QA managers, DevOps and all the infrastructure you need, we support you to accomplish your project goals.


Mobile and web application

We develop smart web and mobile applications, which can combine local and cloud data. We create applications for multiple operating systems. We have a lot of experience in iOS, Android & Smart TVs. If you want to build an app give us a call.


IoT and Big Data Center

You can rely on our experience when it comes to easy and safe Big Data services. We propose Big Data as a service (BDaaS), a comprehensive service analyzing large amount of data stored in the company and in Internet through cloud computing to support you in your business activities and strategic decisions.


Business applications

We create advanced and scalable business applications. We support the automation of your company processes to let your employees provide their real expertise by saving them the hassle and time of manually following long established procedures. Engage with us and let your business grow at the pace it deserves.


Infrastructure as a Service

Move your business to the cloud, let it grow as it should and as it needs. This will allow you to reduce costs, increase safety standards, and guarantee a modern infrastructure with no additional hardware investment. Trust our engineers’ expertise on scalable solutions through our web server and CDN partners.


Developments costs

By simplifying, standardizing and stabilizing development processes, by making the best use of our internal and external synergies, by taking benefit of cloud services and finally by leveraging our experience about activities offshoring, we are able to offer our services at very competitive prices.


Simple and Effective

As in all our projects, yours will be handled using SCRUM, an iterative Agile Software Development methodology designed to continuously perform planned tasks and at the same time allowing for changes in the requirements for the final product. Our method is milestone-based, so you will be able to benchmark our delivery performance in accordance to plans. Each milestone is built out of one or more two-week Sprints, which encapsulate all our daily tasks to complete the upcoming milestone.

Along with our methodology, we use top of the line tools to keep track of every move and provide updated customer feedback and results.

  • Discover
  • Analysis & Concept
  • Develop & Integrate
  • Test & Launch
  • Maintain & Enhance

Requirements gathering phase where all use cases and scenarios are defined in order to perform an adequate quotation and further system analysis.

This phase consists of data layers definition, integrations analysis, data model set-up, use cases and tools selection.

This phase consists of environment setup, scrum planning, scrum iterations and milestones definition.

This phase consists of internal QA and testing, soft-launch, documentation creation & trainings, content migration and finally deployment.

This phase includes project maintenance and improvements. To analyze new enhancements and improvements, we apply the same processes and work methodologies as before.

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